Saturday, May 15, 2010

bootcamp plumbing 101

Hi everyone, Bootcamp here. This is new to me so here I go. Though today would be a good day to repair the hot water in the bunky. The bunky is the apartment above my garage. When Cathy and I bought this place last year it was not working. Got out of bed about 8, cooked breakfast (bacon and eggs). It was very tasty. After that I headed into town. Stopped at the Re-store to see what they had I could use and I had not been there before. Sorry to say that there was nothing I could use. From there I went to crappy tire. I picked up a new water heater, some fittings and 2 humming bird feeders. When I got home I got busy taking the old one out. That was easy with a saws all. The install was not so easy. Had to redo all the pipes. The old one had inlet on the side and outlet on the top. But the new one had both inlets on the side, plus it was a hatchet job. So after many hours and a second trip to home depot for MORE fittings we had water in the bunky. Yes only one extra trip to town lol. So that was my day. It was 7 pm before it was all over. Thought it would only take a couple of hours, it never works that way.